I absolutely refuse to provide a complete walk-through of ARCTIC ADVENTURE, which would destroy the pristine magic of the experience. But here are a bunch of hints that you can reference if absolutely necessary:

* Examine your coat, just in case it has something in the pockets.

* Examine the igloo, too.

* The ice floe is fragile enough that you don't want to overload it.

* The breeder will sell you the dog for $40 (or more if you have it--she doesn't make change). You should find it fairly easy to to win enough in the tiny casino.

* Once you wrest the flare gun from the bear, shoot it in a nice, open space.

* Unlike the bear, the angry octopus is an active threat to you if you hang around it too long.

* The goal of the game is to get to the base, which you might want to do by dog sled--and it would help if you knew what to say to the dog.

* You can SAVE and LOAD your game, and while your saved game is active only for the browser session you're currently in, you might want to save periodically anyhow, just in case you suddenly die and need to continue play without starting over.

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